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    PI Processbook Symbols/Objects Does not Connect with PI AF Elements/Element-Templates when Backup is restored on another Computer


      I have developed PI Processbook displays in-house using PI AF Objects/Elements/Element Template Structure. Then I took back up of PI AF & Processbook displays & deployed on Plant Machine. The Objects/Elements/Element Template Instances inserted on Processbook displays are unable to connect/refer with PI AF Objects/Elements/Element Template on Plant Machine & show an error "Unable to Retrieve Data". While the Objects/Elements/Element Template in PI AF are working completely fine & able to connect & bring data from PI Server.


      Complete Details are:

      -I have developed almost 700 processbook displays using PIW files of almost 50 displays each.

      -I have created almost 50 Standard Objects using AF (Which are 50 Element Templates in AF & almost 8000 Elements/Instances are referred from these 50 Element templates)

      -For Future Prospective; if we need to edit Any One of 50 Standard Objects, We will only edit Only One Element Template & Do the Update Symbol Procedure in Processbook.

      -Now when I deployed the whole Project (700 Processbook Displays, AF Elements & Element Templates) on a New Plant Machine; The Standard Objects/Elements/Element Template inserted on processbook displays are unable to connect/refer with AF Elements/Element Templates.

      -The New instances of same Objects/Elements/Element Template can be easily inserted from the New AF but Previously inserted Objects/Elements/Element Template are not linked/referred with the new AF.


      Environment: PI Server 2012, PI AF 2012, PI Processbook 2015 R2 SP1


      Please help to provide a valid/accurate solution or way around.