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    tag calucltion with future


      We started working with PI2016

      and I try to build a tag calculated and insert to him  future tag


      in the smt I build it with performer equation and when I press evaluate I got value 

      but at VALUE after I save it  I get PT CREATED


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          Hey, Avishay.


          This behavior is expected. The Evaluate button evaluates the Performance Equation client-side and displays the value that the equation would archive if it were triggered now; this button does NOT archive any values. It is also important to note that the value shown by the Evaluate button is not at all guaranteed to match any archived values for the equation.


          The most probable reason that you're seeing Pt Created is that the performance equation just hasn't been triggered yet. Depending on your settings in the Scheduling tab, the equation will evaluate periodically at fixed intervals or whenever the input tag receives a new snapshot value. So, if your equation is set to Event-based scheduling, the equation will show Pt Created until the Event tag receives a new snapshot value.


          Does this make sense?



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            Hi Avishay,


            Thanks for reaching out to us on PI Square.


            It should be noted that hitting the "Evaluate" button does not instantly store a value to the tag at the moment you hit evaluate. Even still, there could be a number of reasons for this. The two that come to mind right off the bat are:

            1. The tag might not have been picked up by the Performance Equation Scheduler interface yet. It can take up to two minutes for a new tag to be added to an interface.

            2. The tag may not have been triggered yet. Check the Scheduling for the Performance Equation and see if the tag should have triggered by now.




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              Good Morning


              Thank you very much for your help


              The calc TAG does not work showing tag pt created


              Although the tag has changed several times.


              I attach a screen image


              Thank allot


              Avishaycalc futuer.jpgcalc futuer2.jpg


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                  I think it might be better to contact Tech Support and open up a case to resolve this issue more quickly. It appears that this tag is evaluated on a periodic interval (rather than event based). Can you please check the Scheduling tab to confirm the scheduling for this tag is such that it should have triggered by now. Are other PE tags not updating as well? Is it possible the performance equation scheduler windows service is not running?