Number of values in TraceValuesCount for traces on trend.  Also Export trend values to Excel

Discussion created by gkrueger on Feb 6, 2012
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Just curious if anyone can tell me, is there a way to set how many samples PB uses to plot a trace on a trend?  I'm working to develop some code to export the values in a trace to Excel when a user presses a button, so I'd like each trace to have the same number of points, preferably a number that could be adjusted by the user based on the precision they are looking for.


If anyone has done something similar to this in the past and has sample code they would be willing to share, it would be much appreciated


Somewhat related to this, how does ProcessBook determine the default resolution to poll the PI server at when it's displaying traces in a trend?  Is it based on settings for sample rate and compression on the PI server, or is it calculated in Processbook based on the length of time being displayed?  I did some brief tests in a dev environment, and it seems like the points are not the same for each trace, so there must be some reliance on what the data looks like/how much it's changing.