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Event Fame search using AFSearch for a template over a subset of elements

Question asked by Lonnie Bowling Champion on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2018 by rdavin

Hi Everyone,


I’m hitting a snag with searching for event frames (using AFSearch). I have a  template setup for my event frame and it is used on many elements. I need to do a search where I get only the events associated with a subset of the elements.


It is easy to get all of them by using a template search, and I can get one by using a name search with a wild card (the element path is part of the event name). But I’m pulling my hair out with a good way to search for events associated with several elements. I know that I cannot use an OR operation, which would make life wonderful.


Also, note that I’m doing a search with index/paging, from most recent to oldest, so that needs to work. Doing a search for each element, one at a time, is really not a good option, as I would have to pull in a ton of events then sort, then return only x number that were requested.


I’m thinking that I pull in some events than I need using a template search, then filter out the elements that I don’t need, check to make sure I have enough events to return, if not then do another search to get more events, until I get the number of events I need. Paging will be a mess, but it seems like the only way.


Any ideas?