Display.Symbols.Item("") method case sensitivity...any way around it

Discussion created by gkrueger on Feb 7, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2012 by RJKSolutions

Does anyone know if there is a way around the case sensitivity of the Symbols collection .Item("item name") method?  I have some code that is failing due to that, and when I try to rename the offending object, it keeps reverting back to the original name (ie when I change txtVes1_Val1 to txtVes1_val1 for a text symbol object on the display, and then save it, when i open it again, the name is back to txtVes1_Val1).


I have a workaround using a For Each to parse all the symbols in the display, but I was hoping to use the .Item method as it's probably faster and makes for cleaner code.


Any tips appreciated.