Any way to set a null tag reference for a PB Value object using the .SetTagName method?

Discussion created by gkrueger on Feb 7, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2012 by gkrueger

I'm creating some scripts to dynamically update some Value objects on a display.  But there are cases when some of the objects may not have a tag defined for the unit I'm referencing.  Is there a way to set a Value object's tag property to null so that it doesn't display anything?


I have a work around where I created a Dummy tag on the PI server and set it to that.  It's a lab tag that I set to read "No Alias Configured" and that workaround works OK, but I'd like a cleaner solution that doesn't rely on a special tag that I have to ensure no one changes, deletes, etc.




P.S. I hope I'm not wearing out my welcome on the forum, I appreciate all the feedback from the members...just have a lot of questions as I'm digging deeper into my current project (my first one, as you can probably tell, and I'm the only PI guy at my company!).