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    Data validation


      Hi all!

      We want to start to validate our data in PI.

      Do you know if OSISoft offers a solution for this?

      When searching the OSI homepage Sigmafine is returned as a potential solution but there does not seem to be much recent posts concerning Sigmafine (most are from early 2000's).

      What is Sigmafine and is it still supported/offered by OSI?

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          Hi Mikael,

          Sigmafine is a graphic-model software that validates and reconciles plant process data. Sigmafine is a former OSIsoft product now owned by Visiant Pimsoft.


          OSI does not have a utility/tool to rigorous test for data validation at this time.




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              Guilherme Ferreira

              Hi Robert!


              I think this link you've provided is broken.

              I was also looking for more information regarding Sigmafine and could only find old guides from 2008 or so...


              Could you point me out to something more up to date?



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                  John Messinger

                  Pimsoft's Sigmafine site is here.

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                      Guilherme Ferreira

                      Thanks John!


                      I was hoping for some OSISoft's material thow...

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                          John Messinger

                          OSIsoft sold the Sigmafine product to Pimsoft in 2009, so any material that you were to look at from OSIsoft would be considerably out of date by now - the product has continued to improve in that intervening time and there have been several releases made. That's assuming that OSIsoft have retained any product documentation on their site. However, the Pimsoft guys have presented at many User Conferences in San Francisco and EMEA, so you could search the main OSIsoft site and watch some of the more recent presentations.


                          If you're looking for an overview of the product and it's capabilities / use cases, I would start with the UC presentations. The Sigmafine documentation is quite technical (not a problem for people here ), and not suited for a simple overview. If you still really want the documentation, I'll have a look to see if I still have it (the last version I used was 4.4 or 4.5).

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