Writing multiple PI tags and values to the PI server

Discussion created by sandeep.narang on Feb 8, 2012
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Hi Team


As per our requirement, we do need to push multiple PI tags values to the PI server while reading them from a csv file. The data in the  CSV file will be arranged as:


PI Tag, PI Value, TimeStamp,PITagType(Optional)


There can be thousands of records in the CSV file that we need to write to PI server in either in one shot or in batches.


Can you please guide us through any available document or sample in achieving the same?


Apart from this, we have some questions related to the same scenario.


1. Can Data Buffering help us out in this? If yes, how?


2. Which is the default table to which these values are written. Can we write the values to a different table. Again, if yes, how?


3.As you can see in the above scenario, we can have multiple types of tags which need to be pushed to server( CSV file contains information about the type), ill there be a single mechanism of writing such kind od data or do we need to follow different mechanisms for different PI tags?




Please let me know if you have need more information in this. And thanks for your patience :)