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Resetting Totaliser Point using Event Frame analysis

Question asked by maguirej on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by maguirej

Hi Guys,


I'm having a trouble with resetting a totaliser point at the start of an Event Frame.


The totaliser has a source tag which is a flow rate point.


Totaliser Settings:

Type: Summary Calculation, Time Weighted, Total

Sampling: Whenever a new source tag event occurs

Results: Continue forever. Write Interim Results (At source time (ramp))

Options: Allow external reset (ON) with a conversion factor 0f 1440. (flow rate is in ltrs/min)


I'm trying to reset the flow totaliser each time a new 'CycleRunning' event starts.


I've tried using an expression in the elements Analysis Template.


The event driven expression I'm using looks like this.

If 'CycleRunning' = "Active" Then 'Delivery Flow Total' = 0.0 Else 'Delivery Flow Total'

The result is mapped into the elements attribute 'Delivery Flow Total'.


My understanding is that the totaliser should accept the 0.0 as its new base and continue incrementing from there.


The result of the above expression is that when event trigger is activated the 0.0 result is temporartily written into the totaliser point

and is then almost immediately overwritten by the totalisers pre-reset value.


I would appreciate any pointers as to what I might be doing wrong here.