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DSN-less connection for ODBC

Question asked by DanSah on Feb 9, 2018
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Hey PI square,

i am trying to connect to PI ODBC via a DNS-less connection (i.e. by specifying everything in the connection string), but I am not getting it to work.


This is how my working DSN is looking - which i am trying to replicate entirely in the connection sting

Here is my attempt to the connection string inspired by the PI ODBC 2015 Administrator Guide:

SQLconnect="DRIVER=PI ODBC DRIVER;SERVER=localhost;Prover Type=PIOLEDB;Trusted_Connection=Yes;Provider String={Integrated Security=SSPI; Data source=name;}";


But it is returning this error message (I am using JMP from SAS to do the connection, and it works fine if i just point to the DNS like this SQLconnect="DSN=DSNNAME";):


[RDSA OLE DB Provider] IID_IDataInitialize: Class not registered



I would be very grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.