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Spanning option on unitBatch and subBatch (rtreports)

Question asked by zgallisa on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by afaulkner


I am using the spanning option to create trends of different durations on a batch.  Right now I have a * On the unitbatch on the data template with no spanning option set and under that I have Phases as SubBatch with spanning option. Because I need a trend of each phase duration.



    -  *

          -    SubBatch1 (with spanning)

               -    Trend


With this configuration I get a SubBatchJournal for the phase but I don’t get only one, I get one on each UnitBatchJournal created...


So I tried to create a UnitBatch (with spanning) and under that the SubBatch (with spanning too)

The idea is to get only one duration of the whole batch and inside, another duration for the phase...and the idea sound good but the system doesn’t want to create the SubBatchJournal under the spanned Unit...


It is possible to do Spanning option inside another one?