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    Overlapping event frames comparison


      Our monitoring equipment is scattered in the field on large distances and communicates using radio. On different occasions we are losing the data due to different reasons. One of the reasons is lack of power but there are also cases when the equipment is running but we are losing the communication. In order to identify the reason why the data is not coming I would like to perform the following analysis – could you please guide me how would you approach and solve this problem:


      How to identify that there is data gap for a number of locations, or in other words, in case some locations are not sending the data I would like to know the list of those.

      It is important to select those locations which are not sending data from certain point in time (with acceptable time margin e.g. 5 minutes) – so in case there is another location which is not sending the data later or earlier then it should not be included in this group.


      Basically what I am trying to achieve (not sure if this is right approach) is to decide on the status of one element based on factors (attribute values) of other elements (siblings), or (different approach) to compare and select certain event frames then to update element attributes for those specific even frames.

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          Hi, Lukasz


          For each values coming in, you can try make use of "TimeStamp" function in Analysis. if the threshold is 5minutes (300 seconds), I'm thinking you can try applying the following equation :
          IF (TimeStamp('input_from_deviceA') + 300 > '*') THEN 0 ELSE 1

          This will output to another attribute (Possibly a PIPoint or Analysis Data Referenced Attribute)

          Once you have an attribute list of these output values, you can try sum the values up to see how many devices are stale over 5 minutes.
          If you want to know which exact devices are stale, it might be complicated but you can also try setting up the analysis below (similar to the first one)


          IF (TimeStamp('input_from_deviceA') + 300 > '*') THEN 0 ELSE 1

          IF (TimeStamp('input_from_deviceB') + 300 > '*') THEN 0 ELSE 2

          IF (TimeStamp('input_from_deviceC') + 300 > '*') THEN 0 ELSE 4

          IF (TimeStamp('input_from_deviceD') + 300 > '*') THEN 0 ELSE 8

          IF (TimeStamp('input_from_deviceE') + 300 > '*') THEN 0 ELSE 16

          and so on..


          if the Sum value is 5, you'll know device A and C are stale, if it's 28, you'll know C, D and E are stale.


          Would this be a workaround for you?

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              Hi Joon


              The number of elements is large and dynamic so writing so many if statements would be imposible.

              It would be great to have conditional rollups where the condition is defined at the parent element level allowing to iterate through children elements and testing them agains certain criteria. Since this is not possble I am planning to use event frames and export their data back through oledb view/linked table back to elements. So eventually depending on the situation which i can detect using SQL I would feed back the infomration to the certain elements only. I hope this will work..