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Creation of Table Connection on Pi AF - Oracle Provider

Question asked by rcarnold on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by sraposo


I am trying to create a New table connection to an Oracle DB (already have an existing working connection).

Seem to have a couple of issues

1. Cannot create a new table connection in Pi Explorer because of error on selection of Oracle Provider for Ole Db - popup error = Provider is no longer available;

2. Cannot edit existing working connection because of error when editing connection (Pi Explorer - Connection line [Build]) - popup error = Initialization string cannot be retrieved from IDataInitialize. Class not registered;


I presume the existence of the working table connection proves Oracle provider is Ok on the Af server.   Is the issue with creating the connection caused by a problem with my local oracle client setup (have many oracle client versions loaded) or perhaps masking an issue with my Af permissions (I did not create the working connection).