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    Ugrade of AF only question




      I have one question. We have several PI systems(2016) but one of them is utilizing AF heavily and sends allot of emails. AF has a bug (2016R2), that was fixed in the next edition of AF namely 2017.

      is it OK to update only AF to the latest version and leave the PI Archive on 2016?



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          John Messinger

          Sure is.


          Whilst it is often a good thing to keep the versions in sync between PI AF and PI DA, really the only real reason when you MUST upgrade both is if you want to take advantage of new AF functionality that requires changes in the Data Archive. One example of this was the introduction of analysis recalculation in AF 2016R2, which needed an upgrade of the DA server to provide needed RPC endpoints to support recalculation.



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              Dear John,


              Thank you for the reply, we know it is better but is it mandatory?  I could benefit from a clear direct answer like YES/NO :-).

              Is it OK to proceed and upgrade the AF ( to AF2017R2A only in order to fix the documented bug (notification queue corruption) without upgrading the current data archives (3.4.405.1198) It will not create any issues?!