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PI Analysis auto-backfill on startup

Question asked by AlexCote Champion on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2019 by sraposo

Hello PI Square geeks,


I have PI Analysis Service mounted on a Windows failover cluster and supporting > 2000 analysis...


When a failover occur or at service startup, ALL analysis configured for backfilling executes based on the last configured backfill/recalculate timerange.


That is definitly scary!!! with dozen of formerly trained power-users (myself included) allowed access to our AF System, I frequently find:

      - last backfill to be at a specific date (ex: 2016/01/01 which was executed on 2016/01/02 with the range "2016/01/01 to *"),

      - backfill that are configured for analysis with no output to PI Points, 

      - Analysis that take advantages of the PI Server Snapshot & Compression to generate data that would not be identical on recalculation, but with manual backfill useful in certain scenario and damaging in others.


3 questions:

- How do I remove backfilling from a specific analysis?

Option to remove Backfill on a specific analysis PI Server: Hot (496 ideas) – Customer Feedback for OSIsoft & the PI System

- How do I completely remove the auto-recalc au service start-up?

- Does anyone know the plan toward which OSIsoft is going to make this system more "manageable"?


Default Backfill configuration for service startup PI Server: Hot (497 ideas) – Customer Feedback for OSIsoft & the PI System


thanks for your help...