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Data not written after PI Server Reboot

Question asked by mwooley on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by mwooley

Hi All,


We have recently ran into an issue where our windows service using PI-AF_Client_2016-R2-SP1 stops writing to the PI server after it reboots.

PI Server:;  Database:


Our client automatically restarts the PI Server VM (hosted in AWS) once a week at the same date/time.


During the restart our service detects the PI Server is down, and waits for it to come back, once the service is back it resumes writing to it.


However, after the PI Server restart the data is not actually being written to PI.


We are writing with BufferIfPossible.


var errors = await piServer.UpdateValuesAsync(valuesToUpdate, updateOption, AFBufferOption.BufferIfPossible);


No errors are returned.


However, if we restart the windows service it starts writing to PI and the values start to show up.


Anyone run into a similar issue? Anything we should be checking for after the restart?