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    How to synchronise time between a local computer with a Pi server?


      Hello everyone




      I'm struggling to syncrhonise my local computer with a Pi server.


      I'm absolutely new to Pi and im spending alot of time using the SDK help files but i just cannot find any code in C++ that allows time/date sync.


      I'm experimenting with the following code (C++)





          _PITimeFormatPtr pTime;
          pTime = m_pServer->ServerTime(); // trying to get the time from the pi server
          return pTime->OutputString; //trying to read the results but i get 1970
      Is there a built-in method or function in the SDK that auto-sync time/date with a PI server. 
      Im looking through the forums to see if anyone else has experienced the same situation.



      P.S. I've just realised ive posted this question in the wrong part of the forum. I apologise for this error...