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    OSIsoft PI database


      Hi, Does anyone know if OSIsoft's PI database is on the Microsoft Roadmap for getting integrated into Power BI as a possible datasource? I know I can use ODBC, but wondered if Power BI would be able to interface directly.


      Thank you

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          Hi Amar,


          Thanks for asking this question. I have recently been in discussions with Microsoft about native and direct integration of the PI System (and more recently our OSIsoft Cloud Services - OCS) with PowerBI and the greater suite of Microsoft Analytics Tools (ML, AI, etc.) One thing that would help us with this discussion is concrete customer and partner asks for the same. If you would be willing to share or discuss your scenario directly with me, please email me (richard@osisoft.com) or obviously post here if you are comfortable with that. If anyone else has a similar interest in native integration between PI and MSFT analytics tooling, please share your interest here or directly to me.


          Richard Beeson

          Chief Technology Officer, OSIsoft

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