Best way to check for differences in timeseries using the PISDK.

Discussion created by cguimaraes Employee on Feb 10, 2012
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We have to merge the data from 19 PI Servers to a single PI server. I'm creating a small PISDK application to validate that the data merged successfully.




In another topic I already found that using the secondary interface to PIValues called IPIValues2. This seems to be the fasted way to get all the data of a specific time range into the code.




I'm using something similar to this to get the values.      


var v1arr1 = Array.CreateInstance(typeof(object), iValues1Count);
var v1arr2 = Array.CreateInstance(typeof(object), iValues1Count);
var v1arr3 = Array.CreateInstance(typeof(object), iValues1Count);
iValues1.GetValueArrays(out v1arr1, out v1arr2, out v1arr3);
var iValues2Count = values2.Count;

var v2arr1 = Array.CreateInstance(typeof(object), iValues2Count);
var v2arr2 = Array.CreateInstance(typeof(object), iValues2Count);
var v2arr3 = Array.CreateInstance(typeof(object), iValues2Count);

iValues2.GetValueArrays(out v2arr1, out v2arr2, out v2arr3);


Now I am left with 2 x 3 arrays representing the 2 time series. One array with the timestamps, one with values, and one with the value attributes per timeserie.


 My question now is: what is the best possible way to compare these two time series and find any differences?