Online Training: Enabling Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) Online Course (February 2018) - Introduce Yourself

Discussion created by aivanova on Feb 19, 2018

Hello registered Learners,


My name is Anna Ivanova. I have been working with OSIsoft for 8 years in Support. I am Sr Product Support Engineer ll located in Moscow office.

I will be your facilitator for this Enabling Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) Online Course small online course. The workshop starts today, 19-Feb-2018 and will conclude till Friday, 09-Mar-2018.  This gives us a period of approximately 3 weeks to complete the course.


Please find the video lectures and additional information about the course at Enabling Condition Based Maintenance (CBM).


Please post your questions at the Enabling Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) or send me an email. I will be contacting you by email soon, so you will have my contact details.


Please introduce yourself by responding to this discussion. We mainly like to know who you are, what you do, your expectations and goals for this course but you are welcome to share anything else you would like to share.


I will do my best to guide you in the world of CBM.


Have a pleasant journey!.