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    Group Ownership Of A Display - PI Vision 2017


      Hi All,


      I am working with a client looking at management of content within PI Vision 2017. We are looking at defining a process for managing content and we wanted to check a couple of features:


      1) Is it possible to have multiple owners of a display by way of an AD group (or any other way)?

      2) Is it possible to overwrite a display with the contents of another display from within the same Vision database?


      The use case here is management of 'published' content on our PI Vision environment.


      Thanks for any thoughts on this...



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          Hi Mike,


          PI Vision does not have any builtin methods for shared display ownership. In order for multiple users to edit a display, the display ownership must first be transferred to the new editing user. This can be done in PI Vision itself by members of the PI Vision Admins group, or it can be done by anyone with write access to the PI Vision SQL database and access to the PI Vision Display Utility (installed with PI Vision 2017). On the flip side, any publisher user who can access a display in PI Vision can open it and save a new copy to a new display, for their own personal editing.


          PI Vision supports copy/pasting content between displays. If you open two displays from the same PI Vision server in separate tabs of the same browser, you should be able to select all items on the source display and paste them into the destination display (after removing all symbols in the destination if desired). If done in this way, the destination display will keep the same Display ID that it had originally, but it will have the new symbols from the source display.


          I can envision a system in which users save personal copies of "published" shared displays and make changes they would like to see in the shared display. Then when ready, they could submit their new display for approval, and once approved the contents of the shared display could be removed and replaced with the contents of the submitted display. This could be made even more effective with the use of folders that were added in PI Vision 2017 R2, since you could have an "official" folder to which only Administrators have rights to add displays.


          I hope this helps!



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