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    Has anyone ever tried downgrading PI AF application to a lower version?


      We need to downgrade an AF system to a version lower than what it is now. Will the Go.Bat file execution of the older version work for SQL version downgrade? I believe there will be differences between the SQL table structures between two versions. What we need is an effective way of restoring the AF databases to older version with minimum loss to configuration.


      There is also the analysis service installed against this AF instance. Will downgrade of AF application service and Analysis service simultaneously cause any issues with analyses configurations?

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          Steve Boyko

          I am pretty sure you cannot do this. OSIsoft is pretty explicit during PI AF Server upgrades that it cannot be downgraded. Usually your only recourse is to restore from backup.


          Why do you need to downgrade? If it is an AF Client/SDK version issue, then you can run a lower version of PI AF Client against a higher version PI AF Server and it should work OK.

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            Steve Boyko is correct, it is not possible to downgrade PIFD. The Schema change is a one way process. As Steve mentioned, your best options are:


            1) If you have a PIFD backup (which you should since the db is backed up when upgrading), restore the old PIFD database.

            2) Export to XML in the newer version and import into the old version. Of course this isn't a downgrade and you will not have the exact same configuration and you will be missing some AF objects.


            There is a 3rd possibility here, why not back up your production database and restore this database in your development environment? In my opinion this is the best option since your PIFD in your prod and dev environment will be identical. The only drawback I can think of is that your production database is very large and it would be too time consuming to back it up and move it to another node.


            Finally, if it's at all possible, why not upgrade your production environment? I understand this isn't trivial. I'm not sure what you are testing, but say it doesn't work in the older version but works in the newer version, you may need to upgrade it in the end either way.


            What versions do you currently have in dev and prod ?



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