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Daily EventFrame _ DaySec mystery

Question asked by @LCL on Feb 20, 2018

Hi everyone,

I would like to share with you an issue I'm facing with EventFrame.


First, we had an EF generation configured like this:


If monitoring is true, the EF is activated during all day long with just a restart each midnight.
This was working pretty well.


Due to TimeZone considerations, I created a new attribute:

And this new attribute does its job fine: for an american PI server when it's 17:45 PM here in France.


Then, we edited the EF generation like this:


I tried to preview the EventFrames...

... and that's working amzingly well !!  The daily EventFrames are generated each days accordingly the Timezone span!


But, sadly, It doesn't work as well with EF generation normal mode and even not with backfill mode. Instead the daily eventframes, I only get one EF over the days.


So, is there anybody who faced this issue?