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Templating multiple fuels

Question asked by Cheerion Champion on Feb 21, 2018
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We are currently setting up some AF templates which will allow us to calculate produced energy, operating hours and the fuel consumption power plant by power plant.
From maintenance point of view, we would like to include as much calculations as possible in a template. But with this ideology in mind, we are running into an issue.


We are burning 7 different types of fuel in our different power plants. Not all types of fuel are burned in each power plant and this is leading to a templating issue.

For each fuel, we have a flow measurement connected to the PI server. We are connecting this flow measurement to our template to calculate the total fuel consumption.

As said above, some fuels are not applicable for a particular power plant. This means there is no flow measurement for this fuel on this power plant. So no PI tag to link to the attribute (with PI point reference).
This leads to an 'error message' in the attribute as the pi point (default value: '0') is not available on the server. An more over, I also have some issues with the analysis as it blocks the execution of all calculations because some attributes are erroneous.


Before asking for your advise/feedback, I already thought about 2 solutions which I would like to share with you:

  1. Create 1 tag which is used if a fuel is not applicable on that particular power plant. We would write one value (an unreal one) to 01/01/2010. This would avoid both issue (attribute and analysis error).
  2. Create a template for produced energy and operating hours as this is equal for each power plant. Then start creating the derived templates for the different fuel combinations. This will be a hugh effort regarding maintenance. First to create them all and afterwards to adapt them all if we want to add or change something.


I hope other people had this issue in the past and were able to tackle this issue. I would be appreciated a lot if you would share your experience with me.