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    Need the difference


      what is the difference between the two tags and               *_Processor Information(_Total)_% Processor Time           and               sy.perf._*_Processor(_Total)_% Processor Time


      what is more efficient to measure the system behavior and the CPU usage stats.



      IAS Teja.

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          Probably just the naming convention?


          In any case, these are just the names of the points, to see what perfmon counters they are actually monitoring, I would recommend looking at the extended descriptor in the configuration of the points. If the extended descriptors of the points match, then they are looking at the same perfmon counter and there is no difference.


          You may also want to consider adding some perfmon points for the counters under the Process object to get more granularity for which processes are consuming the CPU. For example, on a PI Data Archive, you could configure these counters for pinetmgr, piarchss, pisnapss, pibasess, etc.

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