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    collective member setup


      Hi Community,


      I would like to know what is the major purpose of making primary server to  "-1" in SDK>member settings>collective member setup.


      As per my knowledge source application will only connect to only secondary collective member. with this do we face any issues with buffer in this AF server node.


      like, buffering data only to secondary pi server.


      please share your knowledge here.


      Thanks in Advance.


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          Hi Ashwin, PI SDK never connects to servers with a priority of -1. By default, the primary PI Server has priority set to 1. Please check buffer configuration if  it is set to write to both the servers.

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            The expected buffering behavior is the following:


            BUFFERED (as configured by Buffering Manager)Priority (in the Known Servers Table)PI Buffer Subsystem Behavior
            Not set -1 Will not buffer to this server
            Not set1 or 2 or not setWill buffer to this server
            1-1 Will buffer to this server
            11 or 2 or not setWill buffer to this server
            0-1Will not buffer to this server
            01 or 2 or not setWill not buffer to this server


            Also, technically the primary is not always given a default priority of 1. The default priorities are determined by the order the member was added to the collective. In most cases, this is the primary, as a new collective configuration must always be made from the primary. However, if the over time other members get promoted, then this default priority for the primary member may not always be 1. See known issue 107074 for more details.

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