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IE11 freezing in PI WebPart 2013 SP3 & SPS 2013

Question asked by igreguri Champion on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by igreguri

I have a problem with Internet Explorer 11 (v11.0.9600.18893IS) and PI WebPart 2013 SP3 on SharePoint Server 2013. After a few clicks on the buttons, WebPart graphic „feezes“ and it is no longer possible to do anything.

Freezes anywhere on any graphics, no rules.

No problem if it works in IE8 compatibility mode, but in this case it is necessary to install Adobe SVG Viewer.


In PI WebPart 2013 Administration Guide (page 6) writes:

If you use SharePoint 2013 with Internet Explorer 9 or later, then you do not need Adobe SVG Viewer.


Did anyone have such problems and how to solve it?
Google Chrome works normally, but my company standard is IE11.