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    Offset calculation




      I am trying to create an offset calculation from an existing tag - the calculation is going to be taking the value of the tag 36 minutes later. So I tried the following:



      TagVal('Attribute','*') and


      But still I am getting the same value instead of the offset one. Any ideas?




        • Re: Offset calculation

          Time Travel is usually a 2 step process.


          When you set the "Relative to Trigger time:" to *+36m, the output attributes have the same value they would have normally, but their timestamp is 36 minutes ahead of the trigger event.

          In other words, your output values lag your input by 36 minutes.

          You can get the same effect by using




          and "Trigger Time" as the Output Time Stamp


          However, is sounds like you want your output values to lead your values by 36 minutes.

          To achieve that, set the "Relative to Trigger time:" to be *-36m.

          This will output your attributes 36 minutes in the past (to which the present will look like 36 minutes later).


          By using future tags, and combining positive and negative delays in two different analyses, you can actually have the system delay evaluation of attributes by the relative time.