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VLE and Archives

Question asked by yutaka.takeda on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2018 by yutaka.takeda

Hi, I will be joining this course from next week, Feb 26th.


I will be using VLE that I used in the following courses:

  • Configuring a Simple PI System
  • Configuring Analytics with PI AF

The VLE worked great for these courses.


Now, I have just started watching videos of this class - a bit earlier however, I noticed that I do not see archive data in PISRV1 in my VLE. (Screenshot attached)

I see a couple of error messages in the "Session Record" section.

Should I be able to see the archive data in VLE?


Here's the VLE info (except RDP and Password)

Header 1

Environment# VM Name Internal IP Address External IP Address External rdp port

6056 6056-PICLIENT01 60002

6056 6056-PIDC 60000

6056 6056-PISRV1 60022

I logged onto 6056-PISRV1.


In the folder, C:\PI\arc\, I can see two files, along with future folder:
* PISRV01_2015-07-09_00-00-00.arc

* PISRV01_2015-07-09_00-00-00.arc.ann