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    Cleaning Up Archive data file


      I notice that one of the PI servers we look after when it starts there are a number of entries in the PI Message Log with regards to the following error;


      Failed to load archive file D:\...........


      It appears that the PI archive has been moved to a different drive and is being loaded okay.

      How do I clean-up the piarstat.dat file to remove any old references?




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          Hi Craig,


          I believe that you are looking for below piece of documentation.

          Please refer to PI Data Archive Reference - Repair the archive manager data file

          Doing this procedure will require a temporary stop of a PI data archive in order to rebuild the piarstat.dat file.




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            Does it make any difference if you try running ..\pi\adm>piartool -au D:\<name and path of archive> for the problem archives?


            Some calls have this issue when Local Admin and System privileges had been removed from the drive containing the archives getting this error. Restored priviledges and restarted piarchss resolved issue. This may or may not be relevant.


            The "Repair the archive manager data file" mentioned by Jinmo earlier is the most likely fix though.

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              This is a very common problem to see on PI Data Archives which have a longer history, or have gone through migrations between machines, drives, etc. Typically you would just want to make sure the same archive as in the error is indeed registered and loaded from a different location, otherwise it does represent potential actual problems loading the archive and archive gaps. In the case that it is a false-positive (i.e. the archive file is registered in two places at once, and is properly loaded from one location), the messages are benign and indeed can be an eye-sore in the logs.


              Please also see known issue 178700 regarding making the cleanup easier. Hopefully this can be implemented in a future version of the product, and I have linked this thread to the known issue internally so that we can better track the demand for the known issue.

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