Increasing compression after 1 month, or reprocessing of the archive after one month with different compression setting

Discussion created by wpurrer on Feb 15, 2012
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Dear Vcampus!


I thought this question was more suitable for vcampus as for techsupport.


I have a PI Server with about 150 K  tags, we burn disk space with a rate of 1 Gb / Day.


My Users have two interests which are a little bit conflicting.


* They want that for a month they have data as accurate as possible (also the noise of the data is information)
* they want the data as fast as possible for 2years+ Display of data


My  Idea was (since Osisoft doesn't support this kind of storage hierachy ... as for example Honeywell PHD does) to "kind of manually reprocess the archive" per sdk the data with new compression settings.


What's your opionion on this, does someone else have the same issues ?