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PIVISION-PI server tag search issue.

Question asked by mmanu on Feb 27, 2018
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I am having PI Vision 2017 installed on a domain machine.

* I have a domain user for PIVISION. PI AF server and SQL server resides on same domain but PI Server is on different domain.

* The authentication with PI server has set via trust and Identity(not mapping) and it is having access for PIUSER, PIPOINT, PIMAPPING and PIDBSEC databases in data security.

* PI Web API and Crawler services running under the same domain user as

* Both PI VISION application pool as well as PI Web API and crawler running under same domain account.


I have crawled both PI Server and PI AF DB. It gave green mark in PI Vision admin page

The problem is when I am creating a display in it, I am able to see all the data sources that i have added, I can fetch attributes from AF server, but I could not able to fetch PI Points in it (not even sinusoid tag).

Can I get an insight as where it is failing?




self signed trust certificate used.

pi web api database status is healthy(all green ticks)

no related error at event viewer.

i have installed pisdk on pivision server and it is connecting to the PI server(trust relation)

spn delegation has set.


Thanks in advance.



Manjeet Manu