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    How to calculate shift projected tonnage (pi af)



      I am trying to calculate a projected shift tonnage based on  several machines example allow the machines to run 1 hr production , total up all tonnage them multiply by hrs in day for a projected tonnage for 12 hr shift. (at this time we I am not accounting for downtime)


      I have the machines identified as  1 to 6

      calculated a current shift tonnage per group.

      calculated a (sum of all machine tonnage by shift) via a rollup which works great.


      Now, I am trying to calculate the projected tonnage in Pi af.

      I need to total the tonnage at a specific time in the morning lets say 7:30 am then multiply by 12 to give projected shift tonnage.

      I am now at a loss how to do this, does anybody have a suggestion how to calculate via PIi AF?

      Please and thanks.


      Pi AF Newbie ;-)

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          You can use tagtot function to get total.


          Find the totalized value (time integral) of an attribute's values over a specified time range, optionally converting the totalized value from its current unit of measure (UOM) to a specified UOM in same class.


          TagTot(attname, starttime, endtime [, toUnit] [, pctgood])


          I believe tagtot function plus roll up can achieve what you want.

          For more information about tagtot, you can find it from

          PI System Explorer > Help > Help topic > Asset Analytics > Expression functions reference


          Adding if you want to get the results at 7:30, then periodic scheduling can be used.

          In that case, still it is possible to specify specific time within the tagtot function. (tagtot's starttime and endtime)

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