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Data Integrity Checking

Question asked by craig.dim on Feb 28, 2018

We are working with a client who have a PI Collective and they have an in-house application that retrieves their Lab data and sends it to PI.

The application can perform two function, Update & Delete. Since the upgrade, they have been having some issues deleting values from PI.

When they run the Delete function, it connects to the Secondary PI server okay and removes the value, but when it tries to connect to the

Primary PI Server they sometimes get an authentication error saying their Username/Password is not correct even though they should be the

same on both PI servers.  We have fixed this issue by removing the credentials from the application and setting up a PI Trust with the correct rights.


However they now want to do a comparison between their two PI Servers to make sure all the results are correct. There are over 500 lab results

that need to be checked.  Are there any tools available to do a data integrity check between the two PI Servers?


Thanks in advance.