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I am trying to programmatically install plugins and I would like to be able to also install AF data reference plugins that require support assemblies.


The UploadPlugInSupportAssembly( function requires the GUID of the owning assembly. In the AFSDK reference, it says that this GUID is “obtained from the owning plugin's AFPlugIn.AssemblyID property”


What’s the best way to get the AFPlugin of a plugin I just uploaded? Because I only know the filename of the plugin that was just uploaded, not the actual data reference plugin’s name. This is how the owning plugin is uploaded:



PISys.UploadPlugInAssembly(pluginfilename, true);



Can I just get the GUID from the assembly of the owning plugin? 






Or is this not the same GUID that UploadPlugInSupportAssembly is looking for?