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Debug OPC communications

Question asked by Adrià on Mar 2, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by KenjiHashimoto



I'm trying to implement OPC server-level failover. I already have set the DCOM security, OPC server primary and backup servers and a watchdog tag for each one. When I test the failover from Primary to Backup OPC server, sometimes, the "Backup Server Watchdog Tag" Point takes "Comm Fail" value and doesn't read any more values. I read in the documentation that it's possible to debug OPC server operation, but I can't generate opcresponse.log, opcscan.log, and opcrefresh.log even though I set debug level = 8.


My questions are:

- What values are expected for Primary and Backup Server Watchdog Tag during failover process?

- How can I obtain opcresponse.log, opcscan.log, and opcrefresh.log to debug the OPC operation?


Thank you very much.