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Not Found PI Server - PI Web API

Question asked by CarolinaOliveira on Mar 2, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by CarolinaOliveira

Hi, good morning!

I need to get the webid of an attribute and for this, I'm making a ajax calling by passing the url of the path as per the orientation in PI WEB API help.

The way I'm setting the path is this:

https: // <server> / piwebapi / attributes? path = <path>


I'm having a problem fetching an attribute this way. When I try to access the attribute, it returns the following message:

Not Found: '\\\\ <server> \\ EFPV - Ficticia PI Vision \\ Plant I \\ Crushing | Tag_Enter_Manual_teste'. Object for path '\\\\ <server> \\ EFPV - Company Ficticia PI Vision \\ Plant I \\ Crunch | Tag_Entry_Manual_test' relative to PI AF Server '<server>' was not found. "


I followed the instructions of this same case:
but did not succeed in my case.


I would like to know what might be happening to not be working or even know if they know another way to search the webid for an attribute through a jquery selector or something like that without accessing through a path.