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AFEventFrameSearch by Element ID

Question asked by brendanbell on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by rdavin

Struggling with the AFEventFrame search class to implement a search by category for Event Frames starting in a given time period for a specific AF Element. The code below doesn't return any records for Elements that have Event Frames.


AFElement unit ....

string query = @"CategoryName:='" + category + "' Element:=" + unit.ID.ToString() + "";              

AFEventFrameSearch efs = new AFEventFrameSearch(afd, "EFSearch",AFEventFrameSearchMode.ForwardFromStartTime, new AFTime("*-90d"), query);

List<AFEventFrame> efList = efs.FindEventFrames().ToList();


The Search Overview documentation was not completely clear to me on querying by Element GUID.