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    PI Notifications SMTPServerAuthMethod


      Within the AF configuration database there is a attribute named SMTPServerAuthMethod which is associated with the PI Notifications DeliveryChannel.

      By default it is set to Windows.  Are there any other possible settings for this attribute?




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          Mike Zboray

          Email authentication options are a new feature in 2017 R2. Basic info on configuring this option in PSE is available in this live library topic.


          Going a little more in depth, there are 3 options that will appear in the config database: Windows (default), Basic, and Anonymous. The behavior is:

          - Windows: Windows (NTLM) authentication. Uses SMTP AUTH command with GSSAPI NTLM protocol using the identity that is running the Notifications Service.

          - Basic: Username/password based authentication. Uses the SMTP AUTH command with LOGIN protocol providing a username and password in plaintext. It is recommended that you use TLS/SSL encryption with the SMTP server by setting SMTPServerEnableSSL to "True". To set the username and password, use the email global configuration dialog, which will securely send the credentials to the Notifications Service which will encrypt and store them.

          - Anonymous: No authentication. Does not issue the SMTP AUTH command.


          Note that similar options are also available for the web service delivery channel.


          For users who upgraded from older versions, the previous behavior was equivalent to the "Windows" option.

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