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    pi-icu slow and unusable response


      I have a strange issue - it is an old setup where the HA pair is running PI 3.4.375 and is on a windows domain but an outside plant on a simple workgroup (where two Siemens WinCC server's have PI-ICU (1.4.7), PI-SMT(, PI-SDK (1.3.6 Build 363) and two OPC DA client interfaces on each server. The connection between systems is through a firewall with port 45450 open.


      The software was originally running on C: Drive BUT they only have 500Mbytes free disk space and the data flow had become intermittent. SO PLAN WAS TO RELOAD ALL THIRD-PARTY SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS ON LARGE D: DRIVE.


      So I removed all the PI software, set PIPC.ini in the Windows directory to point at a folder on the D: Drive and re-installed everything.

      However PI-ICU on opening takes 20-30 minutes to check and load the "configured" interfaces.

      If you then try do any editing the tool hangs indefinitely with "Not Reponding" message.

      I even went onto the PI Server (primary) and deleted the interface entries in the modular database but PI-ICU still takes about 30 minutes to open. Then if I try install the OPC interfaces using PI-ICU (after waiting 30 minutes for it to open and be ready) and their bat files - it freezes for about 30 minutes - it may or may not complete. The Interfaces do appear back in the modular database tree but PI-ICU remains unusable.


      The trusts are all in place, pinging in either direction is 1msec.

      If I run opcint1.bat in a command window, I can see data go into the snapshot and archives with little or no apparent delay.

      I can see current and recorded data using PI SMT on the interface (Siemens WINCC Server) and also using apisnap.

      The problem seems to be associated with PI-ICU interacting with the modular database?

      The interface machines have only 60% memory usage and CPU load is only about 2%, network load is also under 1%.


      Any ideas?

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          Hi David,


          For reference, are you running version

          Generally, the slowness of PI-ICU are due to ISU (Interface Status Utility) which ICU tries to load from all the machines under %OSI\Interfaces. If you have, for example, PIPerfMon installed on 30 machines, every time ICU opens / loads a file it will have to go through each one, causing it to be very slow.

          The bottom right of the ICU application should show you an informational message showing what it is doing



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            Hi David


            Could you please check if interface installation configuration path especially Program files (32 bit and 64 bit path). If configuration file placed different path then we could notice this issue. Quick check would be on interface node-->start-Run--> %pihome% (Interfaces) and %pihome64%(Interfaces)

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              By any chance are your PI Data Archive servers running Windows Server 2003?


              If they are, we have seen cases where ICU is slow to open and load due to known issues with Windows Server 2003 and TCP auto-tuning. Without more troubleshooting with trace logs and/or network captures (like from Wireshark or netsh), it's hard to say what could be causing the slowness. But checking the auto-tuning and then seeing if disabling it changes the behavior could be a quick low-hanging fruit to check.

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                  Gavin, the HA Data Archive pair are indeed running Windows Server 2003. I will check the auto-tuning next time I am at site.

                  I also plan to repair their Module Database which seems to have a lot of errors.

                  Interestingly, data going into the snapshot and archives and then viewed via PI-SMT (Current Values, Recorded Values) or apisnap.exe on the same interface machine is quick – there is no apparent delay in normal data collection and archive retrieval.

                  Thanks for your input – appreciated!




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