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pi-icu slow and unusable response

Question asked by David_PA_Bean on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by David_PA_Bean

I have a strange issue - it is an old setup where the HA pair is running PI 3.4.375 and is on a windows domain but an outside plant on a simple workgroup (where two Siemens WinCC server's have PI-ICU (1.4.7), PI-SMT(, PI-SDK (1.3.6 Build 363) and two OPC DA client interfaces on each server. The connection between systems is through a firewall with port 45450 open.


The software was originally running on C: Drive BUT they only have 500Mbytes free disk space and the data flow had become intermittent. SO PLAN WAS TO RELOAD ALL THIRD-PARTY SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS ON LARGE D: DRIVE.


So I removed all the PI software, set PIPC.ini in the Windows directory to point at a folder on the D: Drive and re-installed everything.

However PI-ICU on opening takes 20-30 minutes to check and load the "configured" interfaces.

If you then try do any editing the tool hangs indefinitely with "Not Reponding" message.

I even went onto the PI Server (primary) and deleted the interface entries in the modular database but PI-ICU still takes about 30 minutes to open. Then if I try install the OPC interfaces using PI-ICU (after waiting 30 minutes for it to open and be ready) and their bat files - it freezes for about 30 minutes - it may or may not complete. The Interfaces do appear back in the modular database tree but PI-ICU remains unusable.


The trusts are all in place, pinging in either direction is 1msec.

If I run opcint1.bat in a command window, I can see data go into the snapshot and archives with little or no apparent delay.

I can see current and recorded data using PI SMT on the interface (Siemens WINCC Server) and also using apisnap.

The problem seems to be associated with PI-ICU interacting with the modular database?

The interface machines have only 60% memory usage and CPU load is only about 2%, network load is also under 1%.


Any ideas?