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PI Vision - Database connection problems

Question asked by masant on Mar 12, 2018
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I have some connections problems in PI Vision. When I try to login to access PI Vision using http:/localhost/pivision, my system works normally,but when I try to login using my domain (http:/ipdomain/pivision) I can login but I cannot access my database: it is occurring an internet server error. There is nothing relevant in event logs about it but, the real situation is my PI Vision isn't working remotely and I don't know why.

I put some prints below to show how PI Vision is working logged using "localhost" and "IP domain".


Login using localhost - works perfectly!




login using domain IP - I can login in PI Vision, but, I don't have any access to database.






Recently I had to restart PI Vision PC to do some maintenance, so, I suspect something isn't working correctly because it (a service maybe, or some application), because, before this, PI Vision worked normally. Do you have any ideas that could solve it?