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    PI Vision - Database connection problems




      I have some connections problems in PI Vision. When I try to login to access PI Vision using http:/localhost/pivision, my system works normally,but when I try to login using my domain (http:/ipdomain/pivision) I can login but I cannot access my database: it is occurring an internet server error. There is nothing relevant in event logs about it but, the real situation is my PI Vision isn't working remotely and I don't know why.

      I put some prints below to show how PI Vision is working logged using "localhost" and "IP domain".


      Login using localhost - works perfectly!




      login using domain IP - I can login in PI Vision, but, I don't have any access to database.






      Recently I had to restart PI Vision PC to do some maintenance, so, I suspect something isn't working correctly because it (a service maybe, or some application), because, before this, PI Vision worked normally. Do you have any ideas that could solve it?



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          Hi Matheus,


          That is indeed a peculiar issue. Can you verify what kind of certificate you are using? self-signed, third party, domain? It would seem that Vision cannot establish a secure connection to the search service location when Vision is accessed through anything other than localhost (and since you cannot connect to this, your databases cannot be indexed and you cannot search in Vision), and I'm wondering if that has do with the certificate. What appears under the Subject Alternative Names (SAN) in the certificate?


          Are Vision and Web API installed and running on the same machine?


          Are you using any aliases for the Vision machine or Web API machine (if Web API is not on the same machine as Vision)?


          Would you be able to share what the "maintenance" was?