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PI manual logger user access control - can it be linked to AD??

Question asked by caffreys_col on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by jru

I have an installation of Pi Manual logger which currently has individual users configured for access. The user name is entered on the Manual Logger login screen and away they go. I also have a PIML PI Identity setup which has various users allocated to it using the networks active directory user names. I'm a little confused as to why there is a Manual Logger username and then there is a PI Identity which authenticates people. Is the Manual Logger login just to get users in to the PI Manual Logger software, and then the PI Identity authenticates whether a user can upload data in to the PI system, or am I missing something??


I also have a "pimluser"  user account which has a trust to a specified PC name, and a Labadmin user which has nothing associated with it? I'm guessing that the pimluser and Labadmin accounts are left overs from before PI identities were available, but I don't want to be changing things that may break our lab entry setup.