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    Web API Digital State Table Access?


      Does the Web API expose the Digital State table anywhere?

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          Hi Jonathan,


          The digital state sets are referred to as "Enumeration Sets" by the PI Web API.


          You can find a list of the digital state sets here: GetEnumerationSets

          You can find the values within an enumeration set here:  GetValues


          The first url requires that you know the webid of your data archive, and the second url requires that you know the webid of that digital state on that data archive. If you would like to simply click through to get there (and record the webids along the way), you can navigate there in a browser by:

          1. Going to the homepage (https:\\<webapiservername>\piwebapi)

          2. Clicking on Data Servers

          3. Clicking on "EnumerationSets" for the data archive you're interested in

          4. Clicking on either "Self" or "Values" for the StateSets[SYSTEM] entry (it should be the first one) would give the system digital states, and all the other custom digital state sets should be listed beneath that.



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