Don't forget to register for the webinar tomorrow: PI AF Client CTP - Rich Data Access

Discussion created by MvanderVeeken Employee on Feb 21, 2012

Steve Kwan announced the CTP release of the new PI AF Client CTP in this blogpost. The biggest change for us developers would be the Rich Data Access now provided in the AFSDK. This basically means you have access to PI Point information in a very similar way to PISDK. This will provide a big leap forward for PI System developers. I myself are really excited about this, and I know a lot of other people are as well. Don't miss this opportunity to peek into the future of PI System Development! We already had a nice discussion about the CTP here.


The webinar will begin tomorrow (22 February 2012) at 09:00 PM PST. You can register here.


Here is the abstract off the webinar


The recently released Community Technology Preview (CTP) of the PI AF Client provides enhanced data access methods for AF Attributes and PI Points, as well as improvements for .NET based multithreaded applications to access PI System data. With this release, we have added two new namespaces to the PI AF SDK: OSIsoft.AF.Data and OSIsoft.AF.PI. The .Data namespace provides the rich data access (RDA) functions typically associated with PI Data via the PI SDK directly in AF Attributes utilizing the AF SDK. In addition, in conjunction with the .PI namespace, it is now possible to directly access PI Data through these same mechanisms, even when no pre-defined Assets have been defined. In this webinar, we will provide an overview of the CTP, provide some examples on how to leverage the new features, and discuss future roadmap.


Hope to find you all there!