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The Unit of Measure 'RPM' was not found

Question asked by RSAR on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by jnoss


I am trying to setup the Asset Based example - UOG Well Drilling and Completion Monitoring Basic using this kit. As laid out in the documentation I imported the UOM_Speed.xml file first followed by 'OSIdemo_BASIC_UOG_Well_Drilling_Completion_Monitoring.xml'. Unfortunately, I get an error:


Error occurred on line 663, column 10, near 'AFAttributeCategoryRef' while processing Attribute Template 'Top Drive RPM' in Element Template 'Rig': The Unit of Measure 'RPM' was not found when processing 'ElementTemplates[Rig]|Top Drive RPM'.


In the 'Unit of Measure' library, I do have the RPM defined.


How do i fix this?