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PI ProcessBook Slideshow - How to move a PI Page Vertically (y) using VBA Script?

Question asked by Muthulingam-EnQuest on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2018 by Muthulingam-EnQuest

Hi guys, I have a few PI ProcessBook pages which I want to Scroll in the 'y' direction every-time it opens.

Currently I have a few Scripts which move the Page in the 'X' direction:


Public Sub Display_Open()

    Dim PauseTime, Start, Finish, TotalTime

    Dim x As Display


    Set x = Application.Displays.Open("\\klpi01\Graphics\PM8E-PVDS.pdi", True)

    x.Zoom = "100"

    testa = x.Scroll(315, 0)

    Application.FullScreen = True



My Questions:

  1. If I want to move it 100  points/pixels Downwards, do I type Scroll(0,100) or Scroll(0,-100)?
  2. What is the VBA for Zoom "Fit All", is it Zoom = "Fit.All"?
  3. Are there any sample VBA Scripting/ Command Guides in PI Live Library?


Best Regards,


Muthulingam Ramiah

Ganesh Supromaniam