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How to apply the exception test and the compression test in a .NET application

Question asked by Nicolas.Isambourg on Mar 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Nicolas.Isambourg

Dear PI's users,


I developed a .NET application which communicates in TCP/IP with a measurement device.

The measurement device sends the measurements by TCP/IP to my .NET application.


I need to archive this measurements in PI. I could use the PI SDK, the PI AF SDK, or the PI Web API to update the values of the corresponding PI Points.

In this case, all data sent to the PI Server are archived. The exception test and the compression test aren't applied.


The exception test is done by the PI Interface and the compression test is done by the PI Server.

The compression test is applied for each new snapshot value sent by a PI Interface.


Rather than redeveloping the exception and compression algorithms, does OSISoft supply a PI Interface SDK which enables to develop a .NET application that would work like a PI Interface ?



Best regards,

Nicolas Isambourg