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    ProcessBook Data Set Settings


      Hi There,


      I had a question from a client about some ProcessBook Data Set settings and so far I have not managed to find the definitive guide in the user manual or on in any articles on PI Square so I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction please.


      In reference to the screenshot below, what my client would like to know is:


      1) What is the difference in the configuration of using the 'TagAvg' function in the expression vs. using the 'Average' column from the 'Data Set Columns' list?

      2) If they use the time ranged Data Set Columns does the 'Calculation Interval' setting applied for the range?

      3) Does the calculation value get updated and sent to the display at the rate of 'Refresh Interval'?

      4) What is the 'Interval Sync Time', is it an offset for the calculation? If so how does it work?


      Apologies if this is covered clearly in the documentation - if it is can you please point me in the direction of it.





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          John Messinger

          Hi Mike,


          In answer to your questions, please see the following:


          1) There should be no difference. The summary calculations in the Data Set Columns expose what are called PI Summary datasets, which could be used instead of the equivalent PE functions in a PI Expression dataset.

          2) Yes it does. Datasets are calculated at the specified time interval to provide a set of values over the time range of the Symbol(s) that use them, such as Trends.

          3) Yes. If the calculation dataset was requiring a large amount of archive data (for example TagAvg expression over 1 year), then this helps to reduce the number of archive calls for that data by not recalculating the dataset on every DisplayRefresh interval.

          4) Yes, this is an offset from midnight. It's used to set the timestamps of the calculation intervals that you see in the Preview pane in the bottom left corner of the dialog.




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