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    Tableau + PI Web API



      Has any body been able to connect PI - Tableau through the  PI web API - Web Data Connector? Any comments with regards to this is much appreciated.




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          Let me just initiate the conversation.

          PI Integrator for Business Analytics is the recommended product for integrating PI data into Tableau. PI Integrator for Business Analytics presents PI System data suited to business intelligence tools  like Tableau for reporting and analytics. Business Intelligence (BI) client tools offer the ability to run retrospective analyses on a much larger set of your real-time PI System data.


          The WDC uses HTML and JavaScript to connect to any web data source and use it in Tableau so you should be able to test it out with PI Web API.

          WDC Tutorial talks about building an application that connects to the web endpoint feed (here USGS) and downloads data.

          You can test with replacing the jQuery $.getJSON URI with a PI Web API endpoint. You might have to edit the table schema according to the items returned by the endpoint.

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            We recently bought the Integrator. While the integrator has its challenges, it plays well with Tableau and PowerBI. If integrator is not an option at the moment, can you not use OLEDB Enterprise and populate SQL Tables and then consume the data in a BI tool?