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    Issue with multiple entries of an output tag


      Multiple entries are written to an output tag at the same time every day. Is there a way to track the multiple entries?


      Can some one help?

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          Hi Maitreyi,


          What is supposed to be writing to this PI Point (interface, analysis service, AF SDK application,...) ? Is it being buffered by the PI Buffer Subsystem?


          The tracking is usually done at the level of the application writing to the PI Point.


          In the PI Data Archive, can you see multiple interfaces connecting using the same Point ID ? You can see this in PI SMT > Interfaces > Interface List.



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            I did not see if you figured out your issue... If you are using analytics then there are a couple of ways to get multiple values written to the data archive. 1) If there are multiple triggering values and they trigger very close together it is possible to get what looks like multiple values. 2) If you have more than one AF server writing to the same PI point... We ran into this case when we forgot to disable some analytics running on the development server when we migrated to production... Both servers were writing to the production server...